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Qiuyan huang dating

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Jet Li and his wife Huang Qiuyan, childhood sweetheart, martial arts team with siblings. But 1 years later, Jet Li and Nina Li from the movie "dragon" in the horizon soon fell in love, Jet Li and his ex-wife divorced soon.

And Nina Li also began to do Jet Li 9 years behind the woman.

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when qiu-yan huang said she want to marry li to parents, mother doesn't approve of, because the daughter is older than li, afraid of marriage, daughter be wronged.

Qiu-yan huang tell their parents, their jet li and get to know each other for many years, understand each other well, strong feelings. in June 1987, qiu-yan huang and jet li secretly get married married, qiu-yan huang's parents don't know anything about it.

Then qiu-yan huang hardly take sport, mainly for jet li.But titled "why do so many people black Chow" on the network flow, the mentioned Chow has twice applying for immigration to Canada was rejected because of, due to shoot Huaqiang opera for money laundering, Huaqiang wife Chen Lanbu anger issued a document to grumble, Stephen Chow, since anger many fans and friends, the couple often is called.Lingxiaosu and Tang Yifei from 2009 to shoot the Lang heart like iron, when getting to know each other in favor of close contacts, in shooting during and after Tang Yifei Bowen repeatedly mentioned lingxiaosu and post "affectionate" photos of the pieces of the two, the meaning of love and loneliness.qiu-yan huang, li ex-wife, born in 1961, at an early age and jet li have more cooperation. In 1982, jet li film "shaolin temple", shot to fame.Qiu-yan huang also stepped onto the screen in 1984, and jet li co-star in the film "shaolin", the film also caused a great sensation.Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory, Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia) The Bubing Basin is a small basin subordinate to the larger one of Baise in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,southern China.