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Electrical Inspector (Tanjung – Tabalong, South Kalimantan) 4.I&C Inspector (Tanjung – Tabalong, South Kalimantan) 5.The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) provides the Public Health Agency of Canada with ongoing and timely medical, scientific and public health advice relating to immunization.The Public Health Agency of Canada acknowledges that the advice and recommendations set out in this statement are based upon the best current available scientific knowledge and is disseminating this document for information purposes.A nice quote from a recognizable authority or famous person can also work wonders when holding attention in those crucial opening seconds.

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Recommendations for use and other information set out herein may differ from that set out in the product monograph(s) of the Canadian manufacturer(s) of the vaccine(s).This project is part of our vision to be leading Indonesian mining and energy group as well as continuing our contribution to national development.We are looking potential candidate to streghten our team as : 1.In 2003 the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) published recommendations on the use of vaccines approved for use in Canada that contained the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, so that practitioners would have the necessary information to make sound recommendations for vaccine administration to patients and vaccine manufacturers would have guidance on the future development of vaccines for the Canadian market.The statement also made recommendations on the management of patients who needed vaccine(s) containing thimerosal but who had reported previous hypersensitivity to this constituent.With the availability of additional evidence on the safety of thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines, NACI published a brief statement updating its recommendations in December 2005 in conjunction with the annual influenza vaccine campaign, promising to follow up with a completely revised statement.